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18 products

Rugged and Durable Heavy Duty Work Socks

Made from the highest quality manmade and natural fibres available, our heavy duty men’s work socks from Wearproof are the best out there for your work boots. Our cotton work socks range is ideal for tradies, miners, mechanics or anyone working hard, and they’ll keep your feet snug in your steel toe boots.

Prevent blisters from forming and do your feet a favour by investing in the best socks for work boots. Browse through our collection of men’s work boot socks from Wearproof. Whether you’re working indoors in the workshop or outdoors on shipyards or construction sites, our heavy duty work socks from Wearproof are guaranteed to keep your feet cushioned and comfortable all day long.

Best work socks for steel toe boots

Steel toe boots are designed to keep your feet safe when working, but it’s important to keep your feet comfortable, too. That’s where our men’s work socks from Wearproof come in. Our range of men's and women's work socks are the best choice for steel toe boots and heavy duty workplaces. No matter if you’re in the mines, on the shipyards or at a construction site, be sure our we have your feet covered with the best work socks for steel toe boots on the market.

We are committed to delivering high quality, durable work boot socks perfect for men’s and women’s work boots, hiking boots and everyday boots. Whether you’re spending the day at work, going on a hiking adventure or finally getting to those odd jobs around the house, our thick work socks are the best way to keep your feet comfortable. Knitted with a two-layer unique design and complete with moisture control technology, Wearproof are the ideal choice for all Australians.

Buy men’s work boot socks from Wearproof

Browse our full range of men's work boot socks, women’s wool work socks, steel toe socks and more online or visit one of our nearby stockists today. We are committed to delivering high quality, durable socks to Australians and worldwide, we’ve developed a reputation for reliability, expertise and comfort. Be sure to browse through our ranges of durable workwear socks and stock up this season with the best socks made from cotton, wool, bamboo to keep you comfortable, moisture-free to enjoy your workday!

Best socks to wear with work boots

Want to purchase the perfect pair but don't know what's best? We know everyone is different so the first is deciding what material is best suited for your feet. Once you know you can then decide if you would like to go thick or thin, most people prefer a thicker made sock because they are ideal for a work boot however, the choice is yours. Tip on purchasing socks for work that most people tend to do is, purchase 10 pairs of black work socks, for example, this way you don't need to worry about pairing them after washing. Make us your go-to for all your socks for steel toe boots and buy with confidence from Australia's biggest socks draw! Why wait? Do your feet a favour and dress them up with the best boot socks today!

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